10 Best Home Chair For Neck Pain – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best home chair for neck pain? If so, then you have come to the right place. The Ergonomic chair for neck support can provide great comfort and support for your back and neck. However, finding the right best chair for neck pain at home is not as straightforward as you might think.

Do you have neck pain from sitting too much in a chair? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, studies have shown that over half of all adults suffer from neck pain. It can be quite uncomfortable, and even painful at times. 

Having the right type of home chair for your situation is important because it will prevent you from getting more serious or chronic back or neck problems in the future. My uncle has been using the desk chair for neck pain for long time. If you spend a lot of time seated on a home chair and develop weak neck and shoulder muscles, you may experience neck aches and even migraines. 

Also Serta Air supportive home chair will keep your head and shoulders properly aligned, In this article, I will discuss the best chairs for back pain at home.

If you are in a hurry, you can check our top 3 recommendations in the below mentioned comparison table.

Name Best For Weight Capaity Price

Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair

Value for money 275 P

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable Back Rest 330 P
Serta Air High Back Chair Comfortable for bum, back and arms 250 P

Top 10 Best Home Chair For Neck Pain 

In this portion, I am going to give you an overview of the top 10 best home chairs for shoulder and neck pain. On the other hand, I will also cover the types of chairs you can choose from and the different types of home chairs for neck pain.

1. Oline ErgoPro Home Chair

Oline ErgoPro Home Chair


The Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to give you a good night’s sleep at night while offering you maximum comfort and style when working in the office. It has a wide variety of adjustments to allow you to customize it to your body, so you can be sure that you’re in the best position possible to work while sitting.

The chair is covered with mesh fabric, which will protect you from being exposed to harmful UV rays. It also has a 3D lumbar support, which is great for back pain and stress. The chair is easy to move and control the chair with its smooth motion, thanks to its mesh wheelbase. Plus, it has removable casters, which makes it easy to move around.

What is even better is that this chair is a dual-purpose office and desk chair. It can easily be used for both activities and makes it a great home chair for neck pain. The chair is also equipped with a 4-way armrest and lumbar support, so you can rest your arms and back in the right position for your body. 

The chair is a great choice for a number of reasons. The comfort of the seat is really nice, but what I especially love about this chair is its design. The home chair is a great value for the money and it will last for a long time, which is important if you want something that you can count on for years to come.

Due to its tilt action, you will find it easy to adjust the height and recline to suit your needs. Plus, this ergonomic office chair is equipped with a reclining lock that prevents the back from moving back and forth when you are adjusting the headrest. 

You can choose from a variety of options such as the tilt tension, tilt tension lock, and height adjustment to ensure you are comfortable and pain-free. This is a good home chair for neck pain because of its good quality and affordable price. 

Our team tested the chair, and I can say that provides great support to your shoulder and back pain. Plus, the mesh fabric is really soft and comfortable. It will also protect you from getting sick because it has a built-in antibacterial system.

In addition, the chair has a very smooth motion, which is great for those who have issues with sitting in chairs. The chair is also very easy to control and move around the house, which is a great feature to have. The color of this ergonomic office chair is neutral to blend into any office decor, making it a great addition to your office space.

  • It is a good desk chair to use while at work.
  • Comfortable to sit in and makes you feel more relaxed while working.
  • The chair has an armrest that can be adjusted to your specific body shape.
  • The seat of the chair can also be tilted to allow you to recline comfortably while you are seated.
  • The headrest of the chair provides good head and neck support.
  • It comes with 4D adjustable armrests and a 3-position adjustment.
  • The plastic parts of the chair are not very durable.

2. Home Office Chair

Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest


The Home Office Chair is a comfortable chair for your home or office. It can help relieve your neck and back pain. The ergonomic office chair comes with a few different features that make it a great chair for neck and back pain.

For one, the chair has a middle back design that provides excellent lumbar support. This design also provides excellent support for your neck and shoulders. 

The home chair uses high-density sponge cushions, that overcome your shoulder and neck pain. Plus, the chair is also designed to prevent muscle strains and spasms. With this chair, you can sit comfortably for hours. 

The quality material is used in the chair, and every accessory has passed the test of BIFMA, which is a guarantee for your personal safety.  It’s a simple design that’s easy to assemble. And unlike other desks, the Home Office Chair features a mesh seat pad which is both breathable and durable.

While testing the chair, it was found that the office chair is durable and sturdy. The chair is designed to withstand heavy weight. It can support up to 250lbs. Also, comes with all the necessary tools to assemble the chair. 

In addition to this, the Home Office Chair has a swivel mechanism that allows you to swivel your chair 360 degrees. This feature is great for when you need to move around your office or need to be able to move from your desk to another area of your office.

  • The chair is durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for all types of user.
  • The seat is not padded.

3. Flash Furniture Home Chair

Flash Furniture Kelista Desk Chair


The Flash Furniture Desk Chair is one of the best home chairs for neck pain because of its many advantages. For one, it is lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. It has a back that can support your back and neck, and a mesh back with built-in lumbar support. 

The wheels on the seat and back allow you to easily move the chair from one place to another. The chair is made of durable materials and can be used for years. A home chair is a great option if you want to sit on your desk or your home office for hours on end. The back is padded, and it provides a good amount of support.

We have tested the chair, and I found that the chair was quite comfortable, and I did not feel any pain when I was using it. Only if I had a sore neck, I would use a different chair. If you have neck and back pain, you should consider this home chair.

In addition, the chair has a swivel seat that allows you to move around your desk or home office. If you have a lot of work to do, you can also rotate the seat and move around to keep yourself comfortable. Moreover, the chair conforms to BIFMA and AISA standards.

Overall, The Flash Furniture Chair is a great option if you are looking for a comfortable chair to use in your home office or at your desk. Its lumber support, back support and mesh back make it a good option for those who suffer from neck pain.

  • Great support and quality
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust
  • An Ergonomic Design
  • Not as affordable as some other home chairs.

4. OFM ESS Desk Chair

OFM ESS Collection Upholstered Home Office Desk Chair


The OFM ESS chair is one of the best home chairs for back and neck pain. The chair is a well-made upholstered chair that comes with a 360 swivel and a wheeled base. In contrast to other office chairs, the seat tilt feature is adjustable and can be set at different angles. This feature will keep your body aligned in a comfortable position.

The chair provides unparalleled upper body support which can help you relieve your shoulder and back pain easily. Also, the chair has padded arms which will provide comfort and support. The chair is well-built, and it will provide you with years of reliable service.

What we like most about the chair is the fact that it comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The warranty covers all the parts of the chair, and the chair will be repaired or replaced if anything happens. Also, the chair comes with an easy assembly guide. In fact, the assembly guide will make the chair installation a breeze.

During testing the chair, we found that the chair was comfortable, and it had a nice, soft feel to it. Also, the chair is quite durable, and it can handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Is this chair worth buying? If you have problems with your neck or back from sitting at a desk all day, it may be worth investing in an ergonomic computer desk chair to help alleviate the discomfort and make you more productive.

Moreover, the chair is lightweight, and it will not add extra weight to your back. It is worth noting that the chair has a modern design, and it will match any design style. Plus, the chair is quite easy to assemble. This chair can be assembled in a few minutes, and it only takes two people to assemble the chair.

  • The chair has an extra-wide seat that provides maximum comfort.
  • It’s also equipped with a headrest and armrests.
  • The chair is lightweight, which makes it very easy to move around.
  • The chair is quite expensive.

5. Serta Leighton Home Office Chair  

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair with Memory Foam


The Serta Leighton Chair is the perfect addition to your home office. This modern office chair features an adjustable height, pocket coil memory foam seat, and swivel wheels for mobility. The elegant design will add a touch of modern elegance to your workspace.

The perfect place to kick back and relax, the Chair is sure to be a welcome addition to your home office. 

Its versatile and mobile feature helps you work comfortably throughout the day without being hurt in your neck and back. The seat is made of high-density memory foam. This will provide the most comfortable and supportive seat for your back and neck.

While we were using the chair, we noticed that the chair was quite comfortable. We were able to sit comfortably in the chair for a couple of hours. We didn’t experience any back pain while using the chair. The seat is also soft and does not cause any discomfort.

Moreover, the seat is designed to be height-adjustable. It allows you to raise and lower the seat to your desired height. This feature makes it possible for you to adjust the chair to fit your specific needs.

The chair comes with a chrome-finished stainless steel base. The base will add a modern and sleek look to the chair. A chair can be moved from one room to another. Plus, Its swivel features allow you to move freely around your workspace. You can swivel the chair in any direction you want.

Overall, I must say that this is a great chair. We were able to use it for multiple purposes. We use it as an office chair, a home office chair, and a sitting chair. It can be used for both work and play.

  • The fabric is durable and comfortable.
  • It has the same sleek modern look that all of its other products have.
  • Easy to operate and adjust.
  • A unique and modern design that will add some character to any room.
  • The materials are durable and comfortable.
  • The fabric is not easy to clean.

6. FALUODA Home Desk Chair

FALUODA Home Office Chair Height Adjustable


The FALUODA Home Chair is a great option if you want to improve your posture. The curved backrest and high-density foam padding are great for long-term use. It will help to prevent neck pain and headaches. The height-adjustable feature is ideal for those who have a wide range of heights.

This ergonomic home chair is great for both work and study. It will help you to relieve stress and neck pain. The swivel feature will allow you to communicate with colleagues more conveniently. A home chair is very easy to assemble. It is lightweight and portable. You can easily take it to any place you want.

The chair has a 25-degree rocking style, which helps you to lie on the mesh office chair in a more comfortable position. It will help you to eliminate fatigue from work or study more effectively. Its 90-degree flip-up armrest feature allows you to Fold it up and it won’t disturb you.

The moving wheels feature makes it easier to move. At the same time, it protects your floor.

You can adjust the height of your chair up to 10 cm. Again, it is a great option if you want to improve your posture. The chair has a 100% satisfactory after-sales service. We have excellent after-sale service. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

During our test, we found the FALUODA Home Office Chair is very comfortable. It has a 25-degree rocking style, which is ideal for those who have a wide range of heights. It will help you to eliminate fatigue from work or study more effectively.

Overall, this ergonomic home chair is great for both work and study. It will help you to relieve stress and neck pain. The swivel feature will allow you to communicate with others more conveniently.

  • The tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the chair to your needs.
  • Back support
  • Chair height adjustable.
  • The chair is little expensive.

7. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair


The SERTA AIR HEALTH and WELLNESS chair is the perfect solution for those with back and neck pain. It is a high-quality home chair that will provide comfort and support for your neck and back.  The chair has good back support. This will prevent your back from slouching.

The pillow feature of the chair is important because it will help you achieve proper posture and keep your back and neck in a healthy position.

Air lumber technology provides you with a lot of support. This will help you keep your spine and back in a healthy position. It is very important because if you are constantly slouching your back and neck muscles, you will experience back and neck pain.

The chair has bonded leather with contrast stitching. In fact, leather is known to be a durable material. It is also easy to clean. It is a good choice for those with allergies. Plus, the chair comes with seat-side cable-actuated levers. This will allow you to adjust the height and tilt of the chair easily.

When we performed our testing, we found that the chair is easy to assemble. It is also easy to move around. The chair has a good roller mechanism that makes it easy to move.

Moreover, the chair has multi-surface, dual-wheel designer casters. This will make it easy to move around. This is very important because it will make it easy for you to move from room to room.

  • The design of the chair is beautiful.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is a very comfortable chair.
  • The armrest is too short.

8. XUER Ergonomic Home Task Chair

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair, Mesh Computer Desk Chair


The XUER Ergonomic Chair is a mesh computer desk chair. This ergonomic office chair is the perfect solution for those who spend long hours seated at their desk. It has an S-shaped backrest that fits your lumbar spine better, protecting your back and shoulders from pain and fatigue from prolonged sitting. Plus, has a W-shaped sponge cushion, which helps reduce the pressure on your legs.

The seat is made up of high mesh material that allows you to breathe and keeps you cool. The mesh backrest is breathable and cool to the touch. The mesh is very durable and is resistant to abrasion and deformation.

This ergonomic home chair comes with a 3.93-inch step-less height adjustment. You can raise and lower the chair to your desired height. The super-angle backrest tilt is 126°. The backrest can be adjusted to the most comfortable sitting position for you.

I have tested the chair, and it is comfortable and of good quality. The instructions are included in the box. The chair is easy to install. I would highly recommend it. It is a great chair for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their desk.

Moreover, the mesh backrest can be swiveled to allow for better ventilation. The chair has a rollerblade wheel for easy movement. The chair is made of high-quality materials and has passed BIFMA and SGS tests. It is covered by a 3-year warranty.

  • It has a strong, sturdy frame that can withstand a lot of weight.
  • Great quality
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Little bit expensive

9. ZUERST Ergonomic Chair For Home

ZUERST Ergonomic Office Chair

The ZUERST Ergonomic Chair comes with built-in lumbar support. It has adjustable lumbar support which is very important. It provides support to your lower back and makes sure that you get the proper posture. If you have a bad posture, you can’t sit comfortably. It will not only make your back pain worse but also make you feel tired.

The chair is a very comfortable chair. It has an adjustable height, and you can adjust it according to your height. It has a flip-up headrest which will keep your head and neck properly aligned. Also, It is designed with 3D armrests which will help you to stay in a good posture while you are working.

The 2D Lumber support feature provides you with proper lumbar support. You can adjust the backrest according to your needs. Also, a Gas lift feature helps you to adjust the height of the chair easily. In order to ensure that you are comfortable while you are sitting.

While testing the chair, I have noticed one thing which is you can assemble the chair within 30mins. You will not face any difficulty while assembling the chair. Also, it comes with a 1-year accessory warranty.

Furthermore, the high resilience seat cushion allows you to sit comfortably for long periods. It will make sure that you are supported and you won’t feel any pain in your lower back, waist, hips, and thighs. It will keep your posture correct. Also, the chair is environment-friendly.

  • The chair is well-built.
  • It has a 3D armrest.
  • Easy to install and set.
  • It is not a very light chair.

10. Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair

Amazon Basics Padded Office Desk Chair with Armrests


The Amazon Basics padded office Chair s a great choice for you if you have a small office or conference room and want to save money. The chair is quite comfortable and it will give you the right support for your back and neck. Plus, it will provide you with the support you need to stay active and healthy.

Its tilt-tension knob and smooth-rolling casters will help you get up and down from the chair with ease. The chair will be perfect for you if you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk and need to support your back and shoulder.

I have tested the chair, and I am sure you will love it as well. It is a great choice for you if you want a comfortable home chair that will keep your head and shoulders properly aligned.

Why do we recommend you? we want to provide you with the best information that will help you make the best decision. Therefore, you will find that the Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair with Padded Armrests is a great choice for you.

Furthermore, the chair is ergonomic, and it will prevent you from getting more serious or chronic back or neck problems in the future. The chair is BIFMA Certified which means it meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for back and neck support.

Overall, I am sure that you will love this chair. It is comfortable and will keep your back and neck healthy and strong. It will provide you with the comfort and support you need for a long time. The chair is very easy to assemble and disassemble. You do not need any tools to assemble it.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It has a modern design and features an adjustable tilt-tension knob.
  • Expensive

Best Home Chair For Neck Pain – Buying Guide

If you have ever had neck pain, then you know how important it is to get a good home chair for neck pain. You might be thinking for How do I choose a chair for neck pain? A home chair for neck pain helps to alleviate neck pain, and it also makes your life a lot easier. Here are important points to consider when buying a home chair for neck and shoulder pain.

Head and Neck Support:

Let’s start with the most obvious – head and neck support. There are two types of neck support commonly found on ergonomic office chairs.

First is a fixed headrest that spans the width of the entire backrest. Typically found on executive office chairs, it consists of a protruding pillow that can be very comfortable, provided it is the right height.

The second type of neck support comes in the form of an articulated headrest that is shaped and curved to conform to the user’s cervical spine. If you have neck pain, it’s vital that any articulated headrest is at least height adjustable to support the exact region of your neck that needs extra support. Otherwise, it could exasperate your condition.


Your first consideration should be the type of material the chair is made of. If possible, you should look for a chair that is made of metal or hard plastic. These materials are very strong and will last a long time.

The Tilt: 

Check if your chair has a tilt function. This is an important feature especially if you have bad posture. You should definitely get a chair that has a tilt function. A tilt function allows you to recline more comfortably and it also reduces stress on your body.


Check if your chair has a recline function. You need to get a chair that has a good recline function. This will allow you to find the right level of comfort and support.

Lumbar Support:

The lower part of the spine naturally curves inward to create what is called the lordotic curve. Lumbar support fills in the gap between the backrest and the spine to prevent slouching, which can lead to a forward head posture over time.

Look for a chair with good lumbar support, which can greatly help prevent postural problems that cause not just neck pain, but shoulder and back pain as well. There are three types of lumbar support that can be found in office chairs:

Fixed Lumbar Support: Typically found on lower-end chairs, it cannot be adjusted to better fit the user.

Adjustable Lumbar Support: For this type, the height, depth, or firmness of the lumbar support can be manually adjusted.

Dynamic Lumbar Support: The best out of the three, it automatically adjusts its depth and firmness depending on your position.

Adjustable Armrests

When talking about neck pain prevention in the office, the armrests are probably one of the last things that you’ll think of. However, lack of arm support or poorly placed arms while working can lead to shoulder pain, which can then travel to the neck.

The proper arm position is such that the forearms are parallel to the desk surface, with the elbows assuming a 90 – 100 degree open-angle. At this position, your arms and shoulders are most relaxed.

Design and Fabric

The chair should have a sturdy design. The frame inside should be strong enough to hold your body weight and provide support. Other than that the seating should be comfortable to help you relax. This is possible with soft high-density foam.

The fabric used to cover the chair should be of good quality and soft. The upholstery adds to the aesthetics of the chair, especially for the living room chairs. Some chairs are also available in different colors. You can choose the one that goes with your room’s interiors.

Consider the Seat Depth

The seat depth is also very important. If your seat is too deep, you will end up slouching in the chair and your neck will be pressed at an odd angle which can result in neck pain. When your seat has the proper depth, your back will be pressed against the chair back and your spine will be aligned.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can A Chair Make Your Neck Hurt?

If you’re sitting for long periods of time will definitely cause neck or lower back pain. Plus, a bad posture will lead to a lack of flexibility and poor circulation.

How Can A Chair Help You With Neck Pain?

Chairs can help you with neck pain in several ways. First, the chair should be supportive and it should be properly adjusted for your height. Second, you should use the correct size chair for your height. You can also use a high-backed chair if you want.

What Is Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis is the term used to describe a degenerative disease that affects the bones and joints in your neck. It is also called cervical arthritis, or degenerative arthritis. Cervical spondylosis is usually caused by the aging process. It may also be caused by injury or trauma to the neck.

What Kind Of Chair Is Best For Cervical Spondylosis?

A cervical chair is a special type of cervical support designed to help relieve neck pain and stiffness. If you are having neck pain, a cervical chair may help to alleviate your pain.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a desk job, or you spend a lot of time driving, working out, or playing video games, the amount of time spent sitting on your butt will affect your back, hips, and knees. So, it’s essential to choose the best chair for neck pain relief. Moreover, The Oline Ergonomic Office Chair is the perfect choice if you have been looking for a chair to relieve back and joint pain. It is made from very sturdy materials and is easy to maneuver and move. The chair is recommended for the office and other work environments. Furthermore, The Flash Furniture Home Chair has great lumber and back support which helps you to overcome your back, shoulder, and neck pain.

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