How To Tell If My Rocking Chair Is An Antique ?

How To Tell If My Rocking Chair Is An Antique
How To Tell If My Rocking Chair Is An Antique

Are you Curious about How do I know if my rocking chair is antique? Antique furniture can be more valuable than you think. While most of us are drawn to the more modern pieces, there is some real treasure out there.

Antique rocking chairs range from being cheap to extremely expensive. They are usually used as garden decorations or inside the house, but if you want to actually use them, pick a solid oak one that will last for years.

If you want to find out how much your antique rocking chair is worth, you should look closely at the age and style of the piece. Antique rocking chairs often have a simple design consisting of slender rails, narrow spindles, a slatted seat, a tall back rail, and slender turned spindle or ball tip legs.

Antique rocking chairs are very decorative and they enhance the beauty of a room. Also, these are the best way to relax your mind and body. In addition, antique rocking chairs make a great piece of furniture in a welcoming environment.

How Can You Tell If My Rocking Chair Is An Antique – Important Considerations

Here are the best ways to determine if your rocking chair is an antique. We will discuss all these steps by step thoroughly:

1. Check For Manufacturer Label

First, you should look for the manufacturer label that has the name of a company that made it and possibly, an address or date. You should look at the back of the chair legs and if you find a paper, just remove it to know more about your antique rocking chair.

2. Check For Age Markings

Another good way for determining age is by looking for stamps, symbols, or numbers on wood frames and carving. You can also check metal hardware and screws because their appearance may help you to determine the age of your rocking chair. You can also check out brands that may have been popular during certain time periods.

3. Examine Condition

You should pay attention to the overall condition because it’s a great way to tell if your antique rocking chair is an antique or a reproduction. Antique chairs usually retain much of their original finish and they also have smooth surfaces without dents.

4. Look For Distinguishing Marks

Also, you should check out for distinguishing marks that may help you to determine the age of your rocking chair. You can find marking on the base or legs of a chair, carving on arms and crest rail, etc. Also, you can look for distinctive features on spindles, slats, etc.

5. Compare With Another Rocking Chair

In addition, you can compare your chair to another one because this is also a simple way of determining the age. You should look at both chairs carefully and check out for unique features in each one, especially in carvings or stencil patterns. You can use the internet as well because there are plenty of pictures of antique rocking chairs online.

6. Know More About The Style

You should also know about the style because it’s also a great way for determining the age of your rocking chair. Usually, antique chairs have slender lines and minimal carvings on them. They are typically made with spindles or turned legs that are attached to a rectangular or square base.

7. Look At The Condition Of Hardware

A good way to determine the age of an antique chair is by examining its hardware carefully. You can look at hinges, screws, and nails to understand more about it. Usually, older pieces made before 1900 have been finished with lead-based paint whereas newer chairs from the 1930s-1940s will have been made with chrome-plated hardware.

8. Look For A Signature

If your chair has a signature then it may be an antique rocking chair, but if the information is not available then it can’t be considered as an antique rocking chair especially if you found no label of a manufacturer.

9. Check For Distinctive Carving

You should pay attention to the carving that is located at the upper right-hand corner of a chair’s arm. One distinctive feature here is a heart-shaped design, especially near the crest rail which you should look out for too.

10. Study The Handles And Legs

Another feature to watch out for is a hand-carved acorn finial. You can also pay attention to the shape of a chair’s back legs which will usually have been tapered from bottom to top. You should also look at the shape of a chair’s arm, it should be either curved or turned with spindles that are joined by a decorative button.

11. Look At Chair Supports

Also, you can inspect your chair for distinctive support at the bottom of each chair leg. They should be either ball-shaped or curved, but if it is replaced by a simple metal plate then it indicates that your rocking chair was made after mid 20th century.

12. Ask For Expert’s Opinion

Finally, you should ask an expert in antique furniture for advice to be sure of your decision about whether or not your rocking chair is an antique. There are different ways through which you can get the best opinions from the experts, these are some ways through which you can get the best advice:

Visit some antique dealers and show them your piece.

You can search online for antique experts, such as retired museum curators or other members of related organizations such as Antique Rocking Chair Club of America (ARCCA). Once you find one, you should send digital photos and ask for an honest assessment.

You can find free online guides about antiques, through which you can learn a lot about age markings and other details that will help you to determine if your piece is antique or not. So, just do some research on ‘How To Tell If My Rocking Chair Is An Antique’.

How much is my antique rocking chair worth?

That’s a question every antique rocker fan has probably asked themselves at least once. Old rocking chairs can fetch thousands of dollars, so it’s important to know how much your chair is worth before you get rid of it or try to sell it.

Factor 1: Condition

The very first thing that determines the value of a vintage rocking chair is its condition. There are four conditions in which you could find an antique rocking chair:

Good – The chair is in excellent condition, but it may have one or two small visible scratches.

Very Good – The chair has no noticeable wear or damage, but it does have minor markings on the wood.

Fair – The chairs show visible signs of their age, such as scratches and scuffs.

Poor – The chair has been severely damaged through use or abuse and may be missing parts.

Factor 2: Age of Rocking Chair

The next big factor in determining the value of a rocking chair is its age. You should know that a rocking chair’s date can be determined by looking at the back seat.

Factor 3: Brand

The next thing that determines the value of a rocking chair is its brand and manufacturer. Some brands and manufacturers were quite popular, and as such, you can find their antique rockers selling for quite a bit more than others.

Factor 4: Special Features

Finally, other factors that could increase the value of your vintage rocker include special features or even personalization. For example, some chairs may have been painted with a family’s name or crest, while others might have carved legs or other unique embellishments.

Factor 5: Location

The last thing to consider is where you are trying to sell your chair. Local antique shops will probably offer the lowest prices because they want to move the product quickly. Online auction sites like eBay or Craigslist will net you the best price.

Factor 6: Rarity

If your chair is very rare, it may be worth more than other chairs for sale at local antique shops. These are called “one-of-a-kinds.”

Final Words

As you can see, there are many factors to consider if you want to know how much your vintage rocking chair is worth. The best thing you can do is look for a reputable antique dealer and have them assess the piece. This will allow you to get an accurate price.

Also, you need to do is find the condition, age, and brand of your rocker. Once you do that, try comparing it with others for sale at local antique stores, online auction sites, or other places. This can help you to determine if yours is a valuable antique rocker.

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